Lortab Addiction, Abuse, Withdrawal & Treatment



LortabPatients suffering from mild or severe pain may get a prescription of Lortab from the doctor. This acts as a pain reliever and can take patients out of their state within a short period of time. However, while Lortab can be used as a medication, it is also classified as a narcotic and can be addictive when abused. Before taking this pain reliever, it is important that you first gain knowledge on the pros and the cons to be on the safer side. This article is here to provide you with information on Lortab, its uses and side effects.

About Lortab

Lortab contains both acetaminophen and hydrocodone and is therefore classified as a narcotic. Its medicinal purpose is mainly relieving pain in patients with different ailments and conditions. To avoid problems after taking this drug, one would be better off consulting a doctor for the right prescription. The doctor will be able to assess your situation and determine the right dosage for you. Working with a qualified physician when dealing with Lortab will save you a lot of trouble. First of all, you will have plenty of information on the side effects and the right dose to take. Secondly, doctors will also warn you when you are in no condition to take the drug.

Abuse Of Lortab

The withdrawal symptoms associated with an overdose of this drug can be devastating. Just like it is in the case with other non-prescribed drugs, healing from a Lortab addiction can be a painful experience that might leave the patient scarred for life. The sad part is that some people become addicted without their knowledge. Some of them feel that the prescription isn’t working in relieving pain and take more of it. Soon, their bodies become immune to the drugs which will only work after large doses have been taken.

As time goes by, the patient grows more fond of the drugs and will soon be relying on more pills to relieve pain. In this case, patients will usually suffer more if they do not get them in time. If this is not looked into early, it eventually gets out of hand and will take some time before the patient regains their health back. One important point to note is that alcohol should be avoided when taking Lortab as a pain relieving medication. Alcohol combined with this drug can be fatal in many cases.

Safe Usage Of Lortab

Combining alcohol and Lortab may cause severe instances of drowsiness and dizziness which Lortab already causes. One is also advised against taking any other type of medication that may cause drowsiness or dizziness to avoid increased effects of the drug. The side effects will attack the patient when it is least expected. This can be very dangerous, especially when the patient has nobody to assist them. There have been reports of people who have put their lives in danger after they started experiencing the side effects.

The individual may also  experience mild and severe cases of constipation after using this drug. To lessen instances of constipation caused by one’s Lortab intake, the patient is advised to keep the body hydrated by taking at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is also helpful to consume more food containing fiber. Again, consulting a doctor on the right kind of food to take will also help the situation. Fruits and vegetables will be very helpful in creating roughage and you will have little to worry about as far as constipation and other related problems are concerned.

People who have had a history of drug abuse, alcoholism, those who have asthma, a head injury, prostate enlargement, Addison’s disease, urinary issues and liver disease are warned against taking Lortab. If the drug has to be taken, then it should be under strict monitoring from a qualified doctor. Pregnant women should also avoid taking Lortab as it may have serious side effects on the baby before and after they are born.

Side Effects Of Lortab

Just as it is the case with other types of medications, this pain reliever comes with various side effects. Some of the side effects are common while others are a bit more complicated. Some of the common ones may include: nausea, dizziness, lghtheadedness, twitching muscles, lessened desire to have sex, vomiting, constipation or dry mouth. The fact that you may require more medication to deal with some of these side effects makes things even more complicated.

The more serious side effects from Lortab demand immediate attention from doctors to avoid further complications. Serious side effects include: severe dizziness, unusual bruising, skin yellowing, unconsciousness, seizures, eyes yellowing, clammy skin, unusual bleeding and slowed breathing among many others. Those suffering from the more severe side effects are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible. A relative or friend should also be around to assist the patient when they need any help.

Lortab And Weight Loss

Lortab has also been associated with weight loss where people take it to speed up the process. However, the results are less than satisfactory in most cases. In fact, most of those who take this medication for weight loss purposes are at a higher risk of getting addicted. This is mainly because they take it without first consulting a doctor and thus don’t know the right amount to consume at different times of the day and night.

Furthermore, you need to understand that Lortab is strictly used as a pain reliever and no reputed doctor will prescribe it as a weight loss pill. The risk involved  in taking wrong dosages of this particular drug is high and proper precautions should be taken before any step. There are other alternatives to Lortab as a weight loss product and most of them won’t put your health at risk.

Good old exercise will never be out of fashion – and will not only keep you fit but will also help you cut down on the extra pounds within a respectable period of time. Just like Lortab isn’t trusted as a weight loss pill, a number of products on the market may not perform as advertised and will either bring no change or will cause harm to your overall health. A healthy well-balanced diet and exercise are the best ways to go about getting fit.