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What Is Xanax?

xanax-pillsWhat is Xanax? Many people do not know know exactly what Xanax is. They may think that its a painkiller, but it’ s not. Xanax is a benzodiazepine (similar to Alprazolam) and is used to treat panic attacks and anxiety. It is a medication that you should only take if prescribed by a doctor. If used the wrong way, Xanax can become very addictive so it is important to only use it to treat your panic attacks and anxiety. When taking Xanax, keep to the prescription even if you find that you do not feel the effects any longer. If you feel that you need to take a larger dosage, consult a doctor before you do so.

There are many side effects that can come along with taking Xanax, some of them minor, while some of them are severe. Some minor side effects are: changes in appetite, weight changes, nausea, tiredness, feeling lightheaded, dry mouth, and decrease in sexual desire. None of these side effects are really life threatening, but seek the help of a doctor if your side effects worsen. Some major side effects include severe allergic reactions, decreased urination, over-stimulation, burning, numbness, tingling, behavioral changes, memory and attention loss, loss of balance, and loss of muscle control. Most of these symptoms are life threatening so if you notice any of them please seek help from a doctor immediately.

After you have been on Xanax for a long time you may start to feel withdrawal symptoms if you do not take it for a day. This is normal because your body has developed a subtle dependency. There are a number withdrawal symptoms to watch for when you have decided to stop the medication, or perhaps forget a dose. These symptoms include sweating, confusion, irritability, tension, depression, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, memory loss, rapid heart beat, heart palpitations, and personality changes. Talk to your doctor before you quit using Xanax so that they can help you wean off the drug. The reason why you want to take it slow is because some of the withdrawal side effects can be fatal.

The way the weaning process works when coming off Xanax is that you will start out taking your normal dosage, then work down until you do not have to take the medication any longer to feel normal. The reason why the weaning process works is because you re-teach your body to not need Xanax in your system any longer. If all else fails when trying to get off the drug, then check into a drug rehabilitation center.

The reason why checking into a rehab center specializing in Xanax is a great idea is because everyone there will know what you are going through. You will not be given the choice to relapse back on the drug while you are in the rehabilitation center. Make sure that when you do go to the center that you have a strong support system behind you, as a support system can really help..

When you first start into rehabilitation you will go through detoxification. This is removing the Xanax from your system. Also you will get the support that you need mentally. You will be able to talk to a counselor about the issues that you are facing without the drug in your system. Xanax is highly addictive because of the way that you feel when you are on the medication. You feel calm, and you might even feel euphoric. After you have completed the rehab program, make sure that you stay away from the Xanax.

A good idea is to throw out all the pills you had before going into rehabilitation. This way you do not have to worry about a relapsing by just seeing the drug when you get home. Find something else in your life to keep calm so which can help avoid a panic attack. A good idea is to just take a few days for yourself once in a while and do something that you love. This will help you be a bit more relaxed which can also help with panic and anxiety.

Support groups and therapy are a very good idea when coming off a medication such as Xanax if there is a need for support. If you went through a rehab, they will have some good suggestions for life after rehab. Xanax is not a drug to mess with and it is highly addictive. So make sure to stop using the drug once you do not need it any longer for your panic attacks and anxiety, and get the help you need to help you stay stopped. There is plenty of help out there.